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Variables, Keywords and Constants in C Language

Written by Faiz.ul.Hassan

Today you will learn about variable, keywords and constants in C Language

First question came in our mind “What is variable”.

What is variable in C

Variable is simply names used to refer to some location in memory – a location that holds a value with which we are working.that is called Variable.Ever variable have data type that show what type of data is stored in a particular location.There are many data type that are givin as follow

int,String,double,float and long double.

Constants in C Language

Constants refer to fixed values that the program may not alter during its execution. These fixed values are also called literals.that definition is taken from tutorialspoint.

Types of Constants

There are many type Constants that are given below

  • Integer Literals
  • Floating-point Literals
  • Character Constants
  • String Literals

Keywords in C

Keywords is that type of words whose meaning is already given to the compiler. They cannot be used as a variable name.the keyword in c language is 32 that are given as follows

Keywords in C

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