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Introduction To C Programming Language

Written by Faiz.ul.Hassan

Today we will discuses about “What is C Language“.

C Language is basically general purpose, procedural computer language and high level language.C language us lexical variable scope, and recursion, Function and many Keyword much more

What is C Language?

C Language is Procedural language which is written by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’s Bell Labs in 1972.That is first programming language that was made at that time.With that is replaced the old programming language with c language.The main reasons behind  creating  C language is still fast, reliable and easy to use.

Introduction To C Programming Language

Application Of C Language

C language is widely used in the Programming Market.Some main application of c language are given as follows.

  • UNIX Operating System is Written in C language
  • For Creating Common Computer Software i.e School Management System,Hospital Management System
  • C Language is also used in Embedded systems  like washing Machine
  • C Language is used in different game like Teen Patti Gold Game use C Language

 Why C Should be your First Programming Language

Many people claim that first programming language learn i.e c#, Java and C++.But we should learn first C language

Because C#,Java and C++ use opp concept first you know about the Basic of programming then you will move toward advance.and visit Dahil sa Pag-ibig

Advantage of C Language

The some important advantage of C Language are giving as follows

  • C is main block for many other programming languages.
  •  C Programs written in highly portable.
  • Easy To Learn
  • Human Understand able format
  • syntax in Easy

Disadvantages of C

The some important disadvantage of C Language are giving as follows

  • C language dost not used Opp Concept.
  • No concepts of Namespace in C.
  • C does not used Constructor and Destructor.

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